Our first visit to Cairo! A magical and special destination that attracts millions of tourists every year and not without reason. So, deciding to organize our trip to the “city of a thousand minarets”, one of the biggest issues we had to face was that of accommodation. We had heard from acquaintances about various, not so positive, incidents. These usually had to do with getting picked up from the airport at the wrong time, providing a room of a different choice from the original and more. Below in our short article we will describe our own experience regarding accommodation in Cairo.

Initially, we wanted a good combination of price and quality and a safe location as we had read a lot about terrorist attacks at the time we went. After several hours of searching and reading several reviews we came to our final decision. For us, the choice of Golden Palace Hotel was the best we could do for our accommodation in the wonderful and mysterious city of Cairo.

golden hotel in cairo


As in every trip, we were looking for accommodation that would be in a central part of the city to facilitate our travels. Golden Palace Hotel met all of our requirements. Just a 2-minute walk from Tahrir Square and very close to the Egyptian Museum, Al Azhar Mosque and Cairo Tower. It is also very close to the metro, which allowed us to move around the city with ease. Also, under the Golden Palace are many well-known shops from which we obtained what we needed.

More information on prices, availability and points of interest around the hotel can be found here.

golden palace in cairo


From the first moment we arrived at the Golden Palace, we experienced the warm hospitality of the hotel. Marco and the rest of the staff greeted us with smiles and made us feel very welcome. They helped us with everything we needed and gave us some tips on points of interest in Cairo. Our room was spotless and very nice and the Wi-Fi connection good, something we could hardly achieve in the rest of the city. The hotel breakfast was rich, just what you need for a day full of adventures in Cairo. Also, the transfer service to and from the airport ensured us with one more comfort. Something we needed and it helped us avoid further delays and problems.

Marco also introduced us to his friend Kimo, our guide for a whole day, who booked our tour in Giza. He was the pleasant person at the hotel and the one who won us over from the beginning. This is generally the climate we felt lucky to be  in when compared to impersonal and informal hospitality.

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