Agistri! This is one of our favourite islands, for a short getaway or for a longer relaxing holiday. This small island in the Saronic Gulf, is one of the most familiar to the inhabitants of Attiki, as it takes only an hour to get there with a Flying Dolphin. Quiet and relaxing and so small you can literally go round the whole island in one day.

General Information

  • Agistri belongs to the islands of the Saronic Gulf.
  • The population of the island is approximately 1200 inhabitants.
  • Pine forests cover 70% of the island.

How to Go

In Agistri there are two natural harbours from which you can disembark on the island. The first one is Megalohori (Mylos) and this is where the Flying Dolphins arrive after a 55min trip from Piraeus. The second harbour is called Scala, and this is where the ferry boats from Piraeus arrive after a trip of about 1.30 hours. The advantage of having two different ports, is that you can choose from the different time schedules and prices to organise your trip. Both of the above ports are connected to the island of Aegina the whole year round.

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The island is very small, so even though you may bring your car along we believe it is an unnecessary expense.The two basic beaches of the island, Scala and Halikiada, are accessible on foot. For any beaches that need a means of transport, the best solution is to hire a scooter. It is cheap, fast and you don’t waste any time looking for a parking space. Many also choose to cycle around, something we don’t recommend if you have come to relax and rest. In the central village of Megalochori, there is a bus network which connects you to all the other villages. From Scala there is a local bus which connects to Megalochori, especially during the arrival times of ferries and Flying Dolphins.

Best beaches in Agistri


It is an organised beach with umbrellas and sunbeds, where you can enjoy your coffee or snack. The beach is sandy and at a small distance from the corresponding port of the area. It is ideal for families with small children, as the waters are shallow.


There are two beaches with turquoise waters in the area of Megalochori and they  are separated by the respective port of each settlement. Of the two beaches the most organised is the one on the right. It offers sunbeds, umbrellas and has various cafes and restaurants in the vicinity.


One of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The beach is surrounded by a forest of pine trees. The waters are clean and in combination with the surrounding beautiful environment you will enjoy your swim to the fullest. This beach has small pebbles and a small canteen where you will find coffees, soft drinks and snacks. In order to get to Dragonera you need a means of transport. The route goes from Megalochori towards Limenaria, and somewhere in the middle you will see a sign directing you towards the beach.


This isn’t just a beach but a whole area. More specifically, it is a tiny island which is connected to Agistri by a small bridge. In order to go there you have to pay 5€ which includes a sunbed and a soft drink. As with most beaches of Aggistri, this one too is surrounded by pine trees. The waters are super clean. In order to reach Aponissos you will definitely need a means of transport which takes 20 mins from Scala. You can also do water sports and there is a small harbour where boats can anchor. On the island there is a small restaurant serving fresh fish and other appetizers.

Aponissos in Agistri island

One of the most famous beaches for two reasons. Initially people choose the beach and the surrounding area to go camping. The connection with nature all around offers tranquility. Although camping in the forest has been prohibited at the cost of a fine, you will see quite a few tents scattered around the forest. The second reason is that it is a nudist beach. This doesn’t mean you have to be nude in order to swim there.

In order to reach the beach, you have to take the road towards Skliri and then follow the footpath (no vehicle can access this area).Throughout the walk along the footpath you will be surrounded by a luscious pine forest all the way to the end. From there there is a small descent to reach a beautiful, impressive beach  in a clear blue bay. Be careful as the slope can be steep in places.

Halikiada beach in Agistri

This is a rocky beach near the area of Limenaria. It is a quiet beach surrounded by trees. The waters of this beach are deep, so they are not considered suitable for small children.

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What to Do

Take an excursion to the nearby island of Aegina: If you have spent quite a few days on Agistri it would be nice to also visit Aegina. The distance is only 10-15 minutes according to the boat you will choose. More information on the island of Aegina can be found here.

Water sports: For sea and diving lovers Agistri is perfect for many activities. You could go kayaking in Scala or go diving in Megalochori for something more extreme. In Megalochori you can also take a boat tour to quite a variety of places .

Horse Riding: In Aponissos you can also go riding. Going around this small island on horseback is a great experience and fills you with a sense of freedom. There is a riding school in Megalochori where there are horses for beginners as well as more experienced riders.

Food and Beverage

Most of the taverns and cafeterias are in the central ports of the island: Scala and Megalochori. There you can find any food or beverage you like. However, the taverns also have very tasty food, sometimes even cheaper than the shops, and you can find them all around the island serving fresh fish and local appetizers. Some of the traditional island dishes are: the musenta (a sort of green vegetable pie), the laklori (otherwise pumpkin pie) and for dessert there are fried pancakes with honey and small donut balls with honey sprinkled on top.

One of our favourite places to eat, which we honoured twice, was Alkioni, in the area of Skliri. Fast service, delicious food and a small balcony with a view of the sea. It is in the same direction of Halikiada, so you can combine it together with a visit to this beautiful beach.

If you would like to go out for a drink then Sunrise bar is a very nice place. Relaxing music and huge cushions in the sand create a very enjoyable atmosphere. There are many places to choose from in the central part of the island. Also, events are held which last well into the morning hours.

You may watch a video of our trip to this island here.

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