Many people have occasionally faced the dilemma “Should I go on holiday by car or by motorbike??”. Roadtrips are certainly an unforgettable experience. Once you have chosen the places and the stops you will make, you need to ensure that you experience this in the way that suits you best.

As the choice between these two vehicles for a holiday is possible and exists, we will try to list their details as detailed as possible. Below in our article you will find the positives and negatives, so that you can choose based on them.


A key criterion in planning a trip is calculating expenses. When it comes to a roadtrip, gasoline and tolls must be calculated. A car trip can be economical if the expenses are shared between 3 or 4 travellers. Furthermore, the expenses must be calculated for those who consciously take it for service before those long distances.

The motorbike on the other hand, is much more economical as far as petrol, tolls and servicing go. On some bikes for example, you can travel a longer distance with the same money you would spend on gasoline for car. At the tolls the prices are almost half the price, and the service is much cheaper. Also, you have to take into account the cost of fares on the ferries, where the prices are lower for motorbikes.

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A controversial issue we are asked to analyse is whether car travel provides more comfort than motorbike travel. For many the answer is self-evident. With a car there is obviously the comfort of air conditioning and the possibility of sleeping and sitting comfortably in the seats. On the motorcycle these features may not be present, but the experience of driving it gives the sense of freedom that every biker seeks and only they understand. With the motorcycle also, the traveller can enjoy the ride, but can also easily make as many stops as they want, whether that is a scenic view, or simply to enjoy the surroundings and rest.

car vs motorbike

Safety on the journey is first and foremost linked to the driver, i.e. whether he or she follows the rules of the road and takes the necessary safety measures. Statistically speaking, however, one is less likely to be damaged or injured in an accident or collision in a car. The car has the bodywork that, to some extent, protects the passengers as compared to the motorbike where the driver is exposed. It goes without saying that proper protective measures such as helmet, necessary equipment and proper maintenance of the vehicle must be taken on the motorcycle. At the same time the driver must be doubly careful.


Definitely a factor to which much attention should be paid, especially when we are talking about holidays in crowded places or in peak tourist seasons. The bike takes up much less space and can fit into tight spots, which makes it easier to find a parking space. With a car there is the difficulty in finding a suitable parking space where it will fit, be close to the desired destination and not have wasted a lot of time looking around for that space.

car photo

One factor that definitely outweighs the choice of vehicle is the traffic on the roads. In particular, in large cities at rush hour, the inconvenience for the driver is great. With the motorbike, however, you can avoid traffic much more easily and have an easier and shorter journey.

Storage space

Another factor based on the type of traveller is the need for storage space in the mode of travel. If the traveller prefers, for example, a multi-day holiday where they want to take several suitcases with them, then the boot of the car (and sometimes the back seats) is the right choice. On the other hand, the motorbike does not allow the traveller to take much luggage as there is a space limitation, and it is also more dangerous. However, many people take the bare essentials with them, which fit in backpacks or side motorbike bags.

Weather conditions

In this part most people will vote for the car and not without reason! Those who choose it are relieved of the worry of bad weather during the journey. Conversely, those who choose two wheels will have the worry of not getting wet, avoiding road dirt and obviously being constantly vigilant on the subject of safety, from potential dangers that may arise.

As you can see from the main advantages and disadvantages we have been able to list, the choice between motorbike and car is based on the type of experience you want to have and the personal preferences of each traveller. Whatever you choose though, what matters is that you enjoy your trip and have a beautiful and safe holiday! Have a good trip!