The old street of Skadarlija in Belgrade- Η γειτονιά Skadarlija στο Βελιγράδι


Serbia is a landlocked country located in the Balkans region of Europe, bordered by Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A crossroads of cultures and civilizations, Serbia boasts a rich history, diverse landscape, and warm hospitality. From the bustling capital city of Belgrade and the medieval fortress of Petrovaradin to the stunning natural beauty of the Đerdap Gorge and the ski resorts of Kopaonik, there’s something for everyone in this fascinating country. It also, has a strong cultural heritage, with traditional music, dance, and art forms celebrated throughout the country. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant cities or venturing out into the countryside, Serbia is a destination that is sure to enchant and inspire you.

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