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Greece is a unique and special country. One of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans. For many, it gave birth to democracy, architecture, science, and much more. A country with diversity, where everyone can combine many things to do from mountains to the sea. It is an ideal destination for millions of tourists every year with a growing trend.

The elements that make it stand out are the endless blue. Both the sea and the sky in combination with its wonderful sun. It can satisfy any kind of traveler whether he wants a mountain destination an island or just a big city like Athens. Many people come to see the breathtaking Meteora, while others choose Zagorochoria. Others prefer the cosmopolitan life in Santorini and Mykonos, while some prefer more quiet and picturesque islands with more tranquility.

Furthermore, there are even many options for activities in Greece. Someone can try scuba diving and free fall, or hiking and horseback riding by the river.