Exotic destinations are strictly connected with the absolute relaxation and tranquility. However, for many people there are big differences. Many consider exotic tropical forest and beaches on an island in Thailand or in Bali, Indonesia. Others consider exotic the cosmopolitan New York. The common element remains relaxation and escape from daily routine.

However, exotic destinations are also determined by the origin of the traveler and what things he will encounter at his destination, which unfortunately don’t exist in his country. Someone who already lives on a tropical island in Asia will be more impressed for example by a desert in Egypt.

Exotic Destinations can be found on most continents. It’s not necessary to travel only to Asia going to a Thailand island or only to Africa going to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

The offers and discounts from big air companies the last few years make traveling to all exotic destination piece of cake. All you need is a relevant organization and savings. However, there are traditionally some destinations that require a larger budget, such as French Polynesia.

Usually the reasons for organizing such a trip are some special moments, such as the honeymoon trips. So we personally chose the Phi Phi islands of Thailand for our honeymoon and the exotic Phuket. It’s was something that we’ll remember for ever. We had absolute moments of relaxation, we did scuba diving and enjoyed the tropical landscapes. All the above, we mention in detail in our travel guides. You will find all the information you need before your first visit to a similar place.

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