Greek islands are the absolute summer destination. They are known for their numerous traditions and their charming nature. There many tiny ones or bigger, cosmopolitan or not but each of them has something special to offer to the tourists.

You can book your airtickes for a direct flight to a big and cosmolitan island or first booking your flight to Athens and then booking your sail ticket to your desire destination.

Also you got the chance discovering many island together with sailing companies. For example the whole Cyclades or the beautiful Ionian Islands with the crystal clear waters.

Every single island has it’s own specialties to offer you and some common stats. You’ll find deep blue and clear waters, traditional food recipes and you’ll enjoy you sunbathing under the beautiful sun of Greece. Ask the locals for more information always they know something more that you’ll never find on the internet.

Every island has it’s archaeological sites, historic sacred sites and monuments, traditional villages and interesting museums. Also you can have a numerous outdoor activities in each island like scuba diving, kite-surf, renting a jet ski and much more.

As Greeks we spent mane of our holidays on greek islands all over the Greece and we never regret it. Even for us there is always something more. You can always discover something new, making new friends, tasting local foods and doing some outdoor activities.

In our articles you’ll find all the informations that you need before your first visit to Greece. You’ll find our perfect travellers guide for different islands.

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