Travel documents are the necessary documents that you need to have with you when you’re traveling to another country. More specifically what documents you need it depends from your nationality and from your destination that you want to travel, either for vacation or professional reasons.

For example if you are European and flying within Greece or the Schengen area, you normally do not need passport. The only document you need to have with you is your national identification card. That’s the easiest part of traveling.

As we mention before depending on your nationality and the purpose of your trip, in addition to your passport, you may be required to hold also with you a valid visa or an equivalent form of authorisation for every country you enter. It is important that you find out about visa rules and entry requirements that apply at your destination before booking your airtickets.

We recommend you visiting countries websites for more informations. Your travel agent may also be able to assist you and providing further information. It is your responsibility to ensure you have all valid travel documents and visas in place for your trip.

Finally in some countries like Thailand or Singapore you just need your passport. In the airplane you just fill our a form given to you. This form it’s an entry visa and allows to you to enter in.

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