About us

About Us

Who we are

Hello! We are Stratos and Alice, a couple who craves activities and travelling. We love being optimistic, getting to know the world and trying new experiences. We are always waiting expectantly for the next expedition or activity because it is something fulfilling and exciting which brings us closer and helps us to get away from the everyday routine. Through our adventure travel blog, we want to spread the same feelings as well as help you resolve any questions or concerns you might have, which can make you hesitate whilst choosing a destination. On our website, you will find travel and activities guides from Greece and around the world and travel deals for Greece. You also have the opportunity to book your travels and activities.

We are strong believers that life is too short to be miserable and full of negative energy, so we deal with it in a face-on approach. We constantly try to make the best out of our time, discover new destinations and plan our next moves. When we are not travelling, we enjoy going out with our family and friends as well as the serenity of our home, watching TV series or playing PS4 and board games.

Personal information

Stratos: He was born in Athens but he is originally from Giannena and Crete. He has studied Electrical Engineering and tutoring for aspiring drivers and works in the respective fields. At the same time, he writes articles and is involved in our blog.

He was so “traumatized” whilst serving the army, that since then he hasn’t let a single moment go to waste. Always thirsty for travel and activities and experiences in nature and not only; in general, he wants to try everything. If you tell him to dive from space, chances are, he will try it.

He loves organizing and he is obsessed with statistics and setting goals regarding a trip to Thailand or monthly expenses. He’s obsessed with his tiny GoPro and related accessories that he doesn’t part with on any trip or activity.

Alice: She was born in Athens but she is originally from Aigio. She has studied finances at Panteio University, works as an accountant and her dream is to have a successful travel blog. She got the traveller’s ‘virus’ when she organized a five-day school trip to England in high school. She is continually searching for new adventures and she is eager to get to know the whole world.

Addicted to trying new food, even though she denies it, and that is why on every journey she is responsible for discovering the best place for eating.  She could spend endless hours with other vloggers, sharing what to avoid and what not to. She also adores talking to local people from each destination and also giving them advice for when they visit Greece.

At each destination, she likes to learn the basic words even though she rarely pronounces them correctly!

Jason: The new member of our travel family from August 2021. From now on our trips and excursions will be even more beautiful!

Compass and map connected with our adventure travel blog content.

Travel and Activities Goals

About our wish list we have set some primary goals the we are determined to achieve. The following need to be accomplished:

  • Visit all countries of Europe (28/50)
  • Visit 50 cities of Europe ✔️
  • Go to Peru and hike till Machu Picchu
  • Having an amble with a hot-air balloon in Cappadocia 
  • Experience a safari in Africa 
  • Visit all continents (4/6)

Future Plans

Build a successful adventure travel blog with unfiltered, personal experiences from our trips and expeditions from all around the world. To have collaborations and to amplify our voluntary acts. We are already bone marrow and blood donors and helping homeless people with a local organization in Athens.

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