Avoid rejections from the government on your United States B1/B2 Visa Application. Apply with iVisa. Filling out the DS-160 form correctly is the most important aspect of the process that will definitely increase your approval chances of getting your United States B1/ B2 visa for the first time or renewing it successfully.

A poorly completed form means the immediate rejection of the visa, even if the US authorities have already given you the approval on other occasions. That’s why at iVisa, they not only created a simplified DS-160 form by making it 50% shorter, faster, and very easy to answer; but they also assign you an iVisa Expert who will guide you throughout the process from start to end, and help you avoid rejections.

Benefits of applying for your United States B1/B2 Visa with iVisa

● Application 100% Government Compliant. Their team will review each one of the answers you give on the form and adjust them to be 100% compliant with the government requirements.

● Unlimited Access to your iVisa Expert. At iVisa, they will assign you an iVisa Expert to guide you through the entire application from start to end and solve any questions you may have about the process.

● Simplified DS-160 Form. While on the Embassy website, you will have to answer 150 confusing and tedious questions, at iVisa, you will only have to answer a 50% shorter form with more clear questions. It will be like filling out a short survey.

● Fill out the form at your own pace. You can fill out the form at your own pace, make changes whenever you want, and save your progress, so you do not have to start from scratch, unlike the embassy website which cuts you off from their website every time you take a break.

● Didactic Manual. Once you apply, at iVisa they will give you a Didactic Manual with all the tips you need to know to answer the difficult sections and the step-by-step of what you need to do to get your new visa without problems.

Fill out the simplified iVisa form here.

Requirements to renew your visa without an interview

If you want to apply to renew your last United States B1/B2 visa without having to go to an interview or appointment, you must meet one of the following requirements:

● Your last US visa cannot have expired more than 24, 36, or 48 months ago (depending on your nationality), or it must still be valid.

● Applicants under 14 or over 79 years of age can also apply for the visa renewal without having to attend an interview.

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Requirements to apply for the B1 B2 visa for the first time

If you want to apply for the United States B1/B2 visa for the first time, the requirements are very similar to the renewal process:

● Have a foreign passport with at least 6 months of validity.

● Applicants under 13 or over 80 years old will be able to apply without having to go to an interview.

What you should know about the B1 B2 visa

The American B1 B2 visa is one of the most requested visas in the world to travel to the United States with a standard government fee of USD $160.00.

The B1 Category is for travelers who want to do business in the country, or for people who want to participate in business meetings, events, congresses, fairs, or scientific, educational, or professional conventions.

The B2 Category is for people who want to travel for tourism, pleasure, or also because they want to have medical treatment.

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How long does it take to receive my new United States B1/B2 Visa?

Once they send your application, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will list the available dates for your interview or drop-off appointment, and we will choose the closest one for you. Keep in mind that given the high demand for applications, some locations have an interview waitlist of more than 12 months. Therefore, we always recommend applying several months before your intended trip to the United States to be sure.

How to apply for your United States B1/B2 visa online
What you can do with the B1 B2 Visa

● Tourism

● Shopping

● Buy goods or real estate

● Visit friends or family

● Take a short recreational course (not for credit)

● Participate in fairs

● Participate in congresses as a listener or as a speaker (without charging fees)

● Medical treatments

● Consultations with an American doctor

● Signing of contracts

● Business meetings

What you CAN NOT do with the B1 B2 visa

● You can not work

● You can not study temporarily

● You can not reside permanently in the country

● You can not get a driver’s license

● You can not authorize a child to study in a public school in the country.

Time of validity of the B1 B2 visa

The American B1 B2 visa is valid for 10 years after being issued. With this type of visa, you can stay in the US for periods of up to 180 days Per Entry during a temporary stay, and for a specific purpose.

Required Documents to apply

● Your photo for the visa

● Picture of your valid Passport

● For renewal applicants: Picture of your last American visa.

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1. Is iVisa.com a legitimate company?

Ivisa is accredited and recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and has a validated IATA Agency Code. If you want to check this information you can verify their membership using their bearing No. 23716873 at http://store.iata.org/ieccacfree.

2. How long does it take applying for my B1/B2 American Visa?

Applying with iVisa will take you less than 15 minutes.

3. What is an iVisa Expert?

An iVisa Expert is your personal assistant that is an expert processing the visa you are applying for. For the B1/B2 American Visa, they assign each applicant an iVisa Expert who guides them throughout the entire process from start to end. In addition, the iVisa Expert also carefully reviews each one of the answers the applicants give in the form so that they can send an application 100% government-compliant to avoid rejections.

4. When applying for the B1/B2 Visa, what can I do to avoid rejections?

The United States Embassy rejects the applications of 17.79% of the applicants mainly due to incorrect answers of the DS-160 form. To avoid rejections you must take into account the following:

● In your reason for traveling you must demonstrate that you have important ties to your country of origin such as family and work, and that you will travel temporarily.

● Make sure you have enough financial resources to finance your trip.

● If you want to apply for the renewal of your last visa, remember that you cannot have been previously deported from the United States.

● If in any of your previous stays in the United States, you exceeded the time allowed for the B1/B2 visa, it is very likely that the embassy will reject your renewal.

5. When should I apply for the United States B1/B2 Visa?

You can apply for a B1/B2 Visa at any time, but remember that this process can take at least 4 weeks, so you should plan your application accordingly before traveling to the US. If you are applying for a Visa Renewal we recommend applying right away, since sometimes the appointments for the drop-off of the documents can be in more than one year.

6. Is it obligatory to apply for a B1/B2 Visa to enter the United States?

It depends on your nationality. If your country is not named under the US visa-waiver program, you’ll have to apply for a US B1/B2 visa. The B1/B2 Visa is just one type of visa, and there are others available depending on your reason for visiting the US.

7. What requirements should I meet before applying for this visa?

Before applying, you must meet this criteria: If you are applying for the first time you will only need a valid passport. If you are applying for a renewal here are the requirements:

● Your last visa should still be valid or it could not have expired more than 24, 36, or 48 months ago (depending on your nationality).

● This visa was valid for at least 5 years.

● You were 14 years of age or older when the previous visa was issued.

● You have the passport containing the existing/expired visa in your possession,

● You have passports covering the entire period of time since you received the last visa. (You are required to submit your current passport as well as the passport with the most recent U.S. visa. You are not eligible for the interview waiver if you have lost the passport that had your valid or expired U.S. visa).

● You have not been refused a U.S. visa in the last twelve months.

● You have never stayed in the U.S. longer than 6 months on a B1/B2 visa (even if the Department of Homeland Security approved the extension of stay).

● You have never been arrested for, or convicted of, any offense or crime, even if subject to a pardon.

8. Do children also have to obtain a United States B1/B2 Visa?

Yes, children will also have to apply if they want to travel to the United States. Children under the age of 14 may be eligible to apply for a tourist visa (B1/B2) by mail through the Interview Waiver Program if they answer YES to EACH of the following conditions:

● The parent has a B1/B2 visa, valid for 10 years.

● The father or mother’s visa is without special annotations.

● If the parent’s visa has never been revoked, canceled, lost, damaged, or stolen.

● The father/mother is a citizen or legal resident of the visa request country.

● Neither the parents nor the child have resided illegally in the United States nor have they violated any laws in the United States.

9. If I qualify for an interview waiver, is it guaranteed that I will not have to attend an interview?

No, they cannot guarantee that you will not have to attend an interview. In the event that you do have to attend an in-person interview, you will receive instructions about how to prepare for it.

10. Can I message iVisa.com if I have more questions?

Yes, you can always reach out to their team if you have questions about this process.